Our Philosophy

Our products must fit into the consumer’s life, and make diabetic living easier™!
No matter where you are or what you are doing, YOFiMeter is convenient, connected, and always ready. Our products are built for flexibility, around when, and how, a consumer with diabetes wants to use them, providing more freedom and peace of mind.

Slide Prick Blood Result to YOFiCloud

How it Works

  • Easily log your glucose, carbs, insulin & meds, activity, and other data, on the YOFiMeter.
  • Create a YOFiShare account on a web browser or smartphone, and activate your meter with your account.
  • Once activated with a YOFiShare account, your meter will take care of the rest! New data will automatically be sent to YOFiShare. Invite your family, friends, and caregivers to be part of your YOFiShare community. They can login any time and see most of what you see. They see data in the exact same format as you do, making remote doctor visits and coaching a cinch.
  • Your YOFiShare community members can set notifications to be alerted when new data comes in.

No More

  • Hassle to connect through your smartphone
  • Pouch
  • Loading single lancets into lancing device
  • Loading single strips into meter
  • Writing or typing to record data
  • Emailing or texting information to others
  • Need to bring your meter or log to doctor visits