The YOFiMeter Advantage

  • We address the potential misuse of strips that could lead to a bad reading. Regular strips come in a vial of 25, 50, or 100 strips. It is up to the user to make sure that they IMMEDIATELY close the vial cap each time, after removing a strip. Failing that, the strips could be compromised, especially if that cycle is repeated over a number of strips. YOFiMeter takes away that burden and controls the exposure of each strip through it’s sophisticated algorithm and strip cassette technology.
  • YOFiMeter has a built in, patented linear lancet cassette system. Each lancet has its own chamber that resides in a rail like structure. When deployed, the lancet travels in a precise, linear manner, reducing any discomfort during piercing.
    • International cellular connectivity out of the box, no service contract required
    • Always ready, TEST ON THE GO
    • Test faster and more discreetly than ANY other meter on the market today
    • Compact single device, a true all-in-one
    • Compact strip cassette
    • Compact lancet cassette
    • Countdown of how many strips and lancets are left in the YM device
    • Countdown of how many cassettes are at home
    • BTLE connectivity to gather data from other devices
    • Backlit touch screen
    • Backlit buttons; easy testing in the dark
    • Easy to understand comprehensive device UI
    • Easy to understand comprehensive iOS and Android apps
    • Easy to understand comprehensive web app
    • Track consumer’s performance in real time
    • Missed, and out of range test alerts to connected loved ones & caregivers
    • Integrated step counter
    • Record a message

Healthcare Practitioners

Simple – Connected – Meaningful

YOFiMeter provides professionals with essential, real-time information that supports decision making for both in-person and remote patient visits. More efficient than non-connected alternatives. Our YOFiShare software coupled with the YOFIMeter, provides the ability for unique and effective services, like coaching and education in real time. Being connected with individuals from anywhere in the world (see list for specific countries), and having a bigger, richer picture of events, before, during, or even without visits, enables greater efficiency, and more consistent care for your patients who are at home or on the road.

Payers - Self Insured

Productive – Nurturing – Effective

YOFiLife offers a cost effective, care-centric, solution to assist your employee’s health goals. YOFiMeter removes barriers to effective self-care and group management. YOFiMeter and YOFiShare can provide, rich and comprehensive data to practitioners. Better care and support could lead to greater health, increased energy and productivity, fewer sick days, and lower costs.

Insurance Partners

Smart - Efficient - Economical

Why spend more on a solution when you can spend less to avoid the problem? Managing chronic conditions is a costly business and it is the responsibility of solution makers to help lower costs while contributing to higher quality of care. Removing barriers for use is key to engaging the individual; this is the first step towards better compliance that can lead to lower complications and fewer hospital admissions. As it is a true, all-in-one, cellular- enabled testing and management solution, YOFiMeter, part of the YOFiLife system and philosophy are essential ingredients for better long-term diabetes care that could lower healthcare costs.